The HPC Zoo has a Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) available. It is a 7210 SKU, with has 64 cores, and up to 4 hardware threads per core. It has 16 GB MCDRAM (high bandwidth memory) and 96 GB of DDR DRAM. It is currently configured in the Flat+Quadrant clustering mode.


Use the Intel compiler, which is available by running module load intel/2017. The 2016 compiler is also available.

Use the -xMIC-AVX512 flag to enable the correct instruction set.

Running out of MCDRAM

The DDR memory is the default memory space. In order to run your entire application out of MCDRAM, run as numactl -m 1 ./a.out.

Thread placement

Similar to Xeon CPU architectures, thread numbers 0-63 represent the physical cores. You can use OpenMP environment variables (OMP_PROC_BIND and OMP_PLACES) to assist thread pinning, although generally the default binding is satisfactory.

Disk access

/tmp is hosted on the hard disk, not the SSD. You can use /data for temporary fast bulk storage.