Building SimEng with SST


In addition to CMake and a compiler that supports C++17, version 12.0.x of SST-Core and SST-Elements are required.


Please ensure that while installing SST-Elements, the initial configuration step should include the --with-sst-core=<sst-core_install_directory> flag so that all components present in SST-Elements are registered with the SST-Core. This is important because SimEng relies on components present in SST-Elements. However, if these components aren’t registered, SST-Core will fail to locate the components to use during simulation.


If the path: <sst-core_install_directory>/bin is added to the $PATH environment variable then all sst executables will be available globally. i.e. you will be to use the commands sst , sst-info, sst-register and sst-config without having to navigate to the SST install directory.

Build Steps

Two flags have been added to SimEng’s CMake configuration step to enable integration with SST:

-DSST_INSTALL_DIR=<sst-core_install_directory> // Path to the SST-Core install location

The rest of the steps for building and installing SimEng with SST integration remain the same as a standalone SimEng installation i.e the build step and the install step.


A successful SST installation should also install the sst-info executable. This executable is used to print all the components registered with SST-Core which can be used in an SST simulation. To verify a successful installation of SimEng with SST integration enabled, the command sst-info --libs=libsstsimeng should output:

ELEMENT 0 = sstsimeng()
Num Components = 1
    Component 0: simengcore
        NUM STATISTICS = 0
        NUM PORTS = 0
        NUM PARAMETERS = 5
            PARAMETER 0 = config_path (Path to Simeng YAML config file (string)) []
            PARAMETER 1 = executable_path (Path to executable binary to be run by SimEng (string)) []
            PARAMETER 2 = executable_args (argument to be passed to the executable binary (string)) []
            PARAMETER 3 = clock (Clock rate of the SST clock (string)) []
            PARAMETER 4 = max_addr_memory (Maximum address that memory can access (int)) [<required>]
    simengcore: Simeng core wrapper for SST
    Using ELI version 0.9.0
    Compiled on: Aug 25 2022 11:55:05, using file: <path_to_simeng>/sst/include/SimengCoreWrapper.hh
Num SubComponents = 0
Num Modules = 0
Num SSTPartitioners = 0