More general information about our research focus can be found on our main page. Details on some of our ongoing Projects highlight some of the important applications developed and used by our group.

Ongoing Opportunities with the HPC group in Bristol

The HPC group recruits one or two new PhD students every year. We have a wide range of exciting research opportunities for the best applicants. We collaborate with top HPC sites around the world, and with leading HPC vendors, such as Intel, Arm, Cray, HPE, Cavium, NVIDIA and AMD. Our research spans performance portability, parallel programming languages and standards, fault tolerance, mini-apps, auto-tuning, and more. If you are interested in working with our world-leading group, please contact our head of group, Prof Simon McIntosh-Smith

In the area of FPGA development we collaborate with Xilinx, Intel, ARM, ESA, UltraSoC among others and universities in UK and Europe. We investigate new hardware optimization strategies, scheduling techniques for heterogenous processors that combine CPUs and FPGAs and energy proportional computing techniques via adaptation of voltage, frequency and logic. For example, current work with Xilinx with binarized neural networks shows how custom hardware that replaces floating point precision with single bit quantities can achieve good inference performance and unprecedented performance and energy efficiency. Please contact Dr Nunez-Yanez or Prof Simon McIntosh-Smith if you are also interested in using FPGAs for HPC problems.